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Feel better & stronger through Pilates

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Enjoy group Pilates sessions in Keynsham and Brislington or one to one tuition with Beth from B Well Pilates in the Bristol & Bath area - offering Mixed Ability sessions (suitable from beginner to intermediate), Pregnancy  / Antenatal Pilates and Postnatal Pilates where you can bring your baby along. Beth also offers PHIIT (a Pilates HIIT fusion) for your cardio fix - a fast, fun and effective class where you can also bring your baby or pre-schooler. Beth offers an online service across all disciplines with both live and recorded classes you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, wherever you live!

Beth also plans and hosts beautiful day retreats & has aligned with a highly qualified nutritional therapist, Seed Nutrition and the wonderful Sage Yoga Dance to bring you a well rounded multi discipline approach to enhance your physical and mental well being through self care.  See more about Self Love Sunday day retreats on my retreats page.

Pilates Stretches


Pilates truly is for everyone...

Just a few of the Pilates benefits include:

  • Improved posture & form

  • Improved flexibility, joint mobility & joint stability

  • Stronger core including pelvic floor

  • Increased muscular strength, endurance and tone

  • Reduced back pain & other postural related aches and pains

  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention 

  • Improved efficiency of respiratory & circulatory systems

  • Relaxation & stress reduction

Beth makes sure there are plenty of modifications or an alternative to each exercise so nobody needs to feel intimidated by trying it for the first time & equally it can challenge an already strong individual & improve athletic performance.

Pilates is also an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy and in the postnatal phase – an area Beth has undertaken additional study and professional training.

clCClass Schedule

All classes available via zoom, recorded and face to face in halls


6.50pm Antenatal/ Pregnancy Pilates at Lansdown Hall, Wellsway School, Keynsham

8pm Mixed ability Pilates at Lansdown Hall, Wellsway School


11-12 midday Postnatal Pilates (babies welcome) at Brislington United Reformed Church, Wick Road Brislington

7pm Mixed ability Pilates at Lansdown Hall, Wellsway School, Keynsham


10am Mixed /Postnatal mum & baby Pilates at Keynsham Scout HQ, Ashton Way 

6.50pm Mixed Ability Pilates, Wicklea Academy, Wick Road, Brislington 

8pm Mixed Ability Pilates, Wicklea Academy, Wick Road, Brislington



9.40am - 10.10am -PHIIT, Keynsham Scout HQ, Ashton Way

11-12 midday Mixed ability Pilates, Keynsham Scout HQ, Ashton Way

 All  Pilates classes available via zoom & recorded, various packages & memberships available across Antenatal /Pregnancy Pilates and Mixed Ability / Postnatal Pilates including:

-Online only - includes access to a live interactive group zoom session per week and link to do recording in your own time for up to 7 days after. On demand library of stretches, mini sessions and more. Access to community whatsapp group.

-Online & in person package - Space in hall for face to face group sessions & access via zoom if unable to attend. Link to recorded session to complete or repeat in own time for up to 7 days after. On demand library of stretches, mini sessions and more.

- Membership options with extra classes including HIIT Pilates fusion for that cardio hit & extra mini sessions accessible via membership page. On demand library of stretches, mini sessions and more.


Get in touch to find out more!



Passionate about improving wellbeing through Pilates

Beth is a Level 3 Mat Pilates qualified instructor with additional L3 professional training and qualifications in prenatal and postnatal fitness instruction and adapting Pilates in both pregnancy & for new mums. Beth is also currently studying course around female hormones throughout menstrual, peri-menopause, menopausae, pre and postnatal  (including postnatal & peri-menopause combined) lifecycles, how these affect us physically, mentally & how to help manage symptoms & related problems through diet, sleep and exercise.

Having always loved Pilates, Beth was also inspired by her husbands work as a Physiotherapist in sports & injury rehabilitation, seeing how closely it works with Pilates to both heal and prevent injuries.


Beth feels able to identify with many of her clients:

“I’ve previously worked in a desk job and felt what it was doing to my posture, the back ache and headaches it was causing me. I’ve enjoyed running but used to lack joint stability pre-Pilates and it used to cause me pain in my knees.


Over the course of 6 years, my body went through the rigours of 3 pregnancies and childbirth, not to mention the physical demands of motherhood – lifting, shifting, being used as a human climbing frame!


Pilates has been incredible for me – it keeps me strong to enjoy life and feel better, move better - gives me headspace - time to focus my mind and body. I love being able to share that with other people as a Pilates Teacher.”

Beth provides Mixed Ability Pilates, Antenatal Pilates, Postnatal mum and baby Pilates & PHIIT classes in Brislington and Keynsham and online from the comfort of your own home. Beth also runs day retreats to focus on your fitness, nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing and is collaborating with Yoga specialists and nutritional therapists to bring you a truly special experience. 2024 will bring you more retreat days and soon to be followed by more specialist workshops.


Book with B Well Pilates and Wellbeing to feel stronger and better through Pilates in an unpretentious environment with someone who is genuinely passionate about helping you achieve your best and most of all, feel great.


I  started Pregnancy Pilates with Beth a few years ago with my first and have recently returned to Pregnancy Pilates with my second pregnancy! I tried Pregnancy Yoga but didn't feel like I was doing much actual exercise and find Pregnancy Pilates the perfect mix of exercise, mobility, relaxation and fun! Beth keeps the classes varied and keeps my body feeling challenged safely. I recovered quickly with Beth's postnatal classes and feel like I will with this one too. I even feel like it helped me with my birth. Can't recommend Beth's classes enough! Thank you :-)



Start or continue your Pilates journey in a friendly & unintimidating environment, in hall or online.

Shoulder stand in yoga class


Suitable from beginner to intermediate level

Modifications of each move shown to suit varying levels, abilities & needs meaning everyone can partake, grow, develop & enjoy! Small props incorporated such as bands, rings, overballs and hand-weights to keep classes varied, fresh & fun every week whilst enhancing exercises.

See  'Why do Pilates?' on previous page for just a few of the many benefits Pilates can bring everyone.



Stay strong through your pregnancy, relax & meet other mums to be in a friendly & unintimidating environment - in hall or online.

Antenatal / Pregnancy Pilates is the perfect way to stay strong & keep moving during your pregnancy. Suitable for beginners and more experienced alike, if you have a healthy low-risk pregnancy, exercise such as Pilates can deliver so many benefits to you during your pregnancy – physically, mentally and emotionally.


Pilates during your pregnancy will help you improve / increase:

  • Posture

  • Bodily awareness, balance, co-ordination

  • Muscle tone & core strength to support you and baby

  • Circulation and blood flow

  • Recovery post birth & resumption of activity post-birth

  • Energy levels

  • Relaxation


Pregnancy Pilates is able to prevent or reduce:

  • Swelling of the limbs, nausea and fatigue

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Excessive weight gain

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • Length of labour / birth complications

  • Insomnia

  • Can lessen severity of Diastasis Recti & aid a faster recovery from this

  • Postural issues and back pain

  • Stress and anxiety


Come and meet other like minded mums to be and do Pilates in a friendly and unintimidating environment, many of whom go on to do my Postnatal mum & baby sessions! Once a month we have a relevant womens' health expert or pregnancy specialist come and have a tea and chat with us to share some valuable antenatal education & answer any of your questions or concerns. For example, Pelvic health physio, Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Osteopath, Baby cranial Osteopath & more! Knowledge is power around our bodies. & the pregnancy safe herbal tea is tasty too!

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Get back to exercising safely post pregnancy with specially adapted Postnatal Pilates - you can bring your baby too! Or do online from comfort of your own home via zoom.

Why do postnatal Pilates?

It’s a gentle and considered way to return to exercise post birth – working on regaining your strength from the inside outwards! Classes will work on regaining core strength gently, not a sit up or crunch in sight & no strong abdominal exercises until it is safe to do so. Classes involve a free diastasis recti check to ensure any exercise progressions are safe for you to perform. 

There are so many reasons to do Pilates once you are ready to return to exercise after having your baby! Some of these include:

  • Regain and strengthen your stretched core muscles including your pelvic floor

  • Help heal / reduce post birth stress incontinence

  • Help heal any Diastasis Recti (separation of abs) if present

  • Correction of muscle imbalances

  • Improve posture

  • Increase muscle strength, tone & endurance

  • Better form & strength for performing functional tasks including the rigours of motherhood (those car seats and pushchairs are heavy!)

  • Increase energy levels, boost relaxation & reduce stress and anxiety

  • Meet other new local mums

Exercise Class


PHIIT - a Pilates HIIT fusion for your cardio fix! It's HIIT without the injuries  you might get but for the fact I ensure you have:

  •  A proper warm up and cool down

  •  Lower impact options for those that need it

  • Focus on form & being kind to your body.

  • Exercises performed utilising my Pilates & pre and postnatal training to ensure you are in safe hands!

  • Fast, fun, effective - efficacy of a longer work out in 30 minutes or under

  • Increase your metabolism, boost energy levels & leave on a high

  • Pilates mat work incorporated towards the end

  • Babies & pre schoolers welcome

  • We do the class outside when the weather is nice. £6.50 per session


Teviot Road, Keynsham

07984 582228

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